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Business Tools for Business Start-ups and assistance for running a Business. Inclusive Career Guides and Business Center.

Quality online assistance for buying a new or used RV, purchase publications to help you along your buying adventure.

Eulogy Writing Assistance
Custom Eulogies written for you Eulogy Templates or Write your own with easy to follow ebook.

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Search Federal Domestic Assistance Catalog (CFDA)
The Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance is a government-wide compendium of Federal programs, projects, services, and activities which provide assistance or benefits to the American public.

Mercy Crusade
Providing assistance to the needy animals with spay, neutering and medical assistance. Thousand Oaks.

The Gallatin Development Corporation
Provides assistance to new and expanding companies. Services include: business and financial consulting, economic statistics, loan program information and assistance, educational seminars, networking events and relocation assistance. A non-profit organization funded through community members.

Guestrow Economic Development Corporation
Offers among other things assistance and project development for trade and industry, assistance during site selection and advice for start-ups.

Financial Aid
Assistance available from the provincial and Federal governments in the form of student loans and grants. Includes British Columbia Student Assistance Program and related links.

Educational Research Assistance
Research librarians providing assistance in all subjects and at all levels. Specialists with master thesis and doctoral dissertations.

Lennox Children's Cancer Fund
Provides assistance to the families of children with cancer, and to the hospitals that treat them. History, details of assistance offered, and request for donations.

Espiritu Loci
Provides site planning, land planning, entitlement assistance, and development process assistance for developers and private individuals.

Helping Hand Foundation
Offers one-time grants to individuals who are confronted by adversity but who do not qualify for assistance through existing agencies or organizations. Includes funding policy, recent giving and application for assistance.

Housing Assistance Council (HAC)
Helps local organizations in rural America build affordable homes. Includes information about loans, technical assistance, training, links, publications and relevant articles.

Davison and Associates
Offers inventors assistance such as patent assistance, product design, and research licensing prototypes.

UAW Local 602
Organized auto workers at GM's Fisher Body Facility in Lansing. Includes benefit information, placement assistance, tuition assistance, and links.

MDIConsultants, Inc.
Provides strategic planning, market evaluations, acquisition assistance, and assistance with partnering. Located in Great Neck, NY.

Housing Assistance Council
Helps local organizations in rural America build affordable homes. Includes information about loans, technical assistance, training, links, publications and relevant articles.

Minneapolis U.S. Export Assistance Center
Export assistance from the Commercial Service of the U.S. Dept. of Commerce. Also includes a list of hyperlinks to government information and statistics on exports.

Upper Montgomery Assistance Network
Provides emergency financial assistance, education, and referral services to people in the community who are at risk of homelessness.

Concierge assistance for Bangalor, Chennai, Hyderabad and Mumbai, offering both private and corporate assistance.

Pacific Assistance Dogs Society
Non-profit organization that trains assistance dogs for people with diabilities other than blindness.

Midwest Assistance Program, Inc.
Non-profit organization provides technical assistance and training to rural communities in nine states in the Upper Midwest and Great Plains.

Mock Realty
Buyer and seller assistance including property listings, mortgage calculators, market evaluation, relocation assistance, and area information.

Quest Scholars Program - How You Can Help
... provides university, scholarship, and other ... s home ~ Resume-writing assistance & career ... Summer housing assistance ~ Job referrals ... country, on college essays Help a high school ...

Between Nurses Foundation, Inc.
Offering financial assistance, scholarship programs, legal assistance, and professional counseling to its members. Features nursing tips, events and membership information.

Tatak Pinoy Travel and Tours, Inc.
Offers assistance in passports, immigration, local and international tour arrangements, and visa assistance. Site has various Philippine travel information.

Law Enforcement Solutions
Consulting and technical assistance provided in addition to grants, law enforcement accreditation assistance, CALEA, policy and procedure development, as well as internal management audits.

Working Collies - Assistance Work
A collection of photographs of the breed in assistance and therapy work.

Allied Mortgage
Purchase and refinance assistance including rates and loan process information, quick loan approval and preparation, and prequalifying assistance. - News : Federal disaster assistance deadline extended
... People Studio Tour Logan Scholarship Crime Guidelines Federal disaster assistance deadline ... ... assistance. The second step is filling out an SBA loan application. That leaves the door open for ...

Sweden - Institute on Independent Living
offers on-line services and information, training materials and technical assistance on personal assistance, advocacy, accessibility, legislation and peer support.

Fort Worth Business Assistance Center
Helps businesses develop and succeed. The center is comprised of 11 different service providers. Each provider offers assistance to the public. This assistance is given at no charge to broaden and diversify our economy, while making Fort Worth and Tarrant County a better place to live. and work.

Grant IT Solutions
Offers design, hosting assistance and domain registration assistance. Located in Northamptonshire, United Kingdom.

Arizona Cat Assistance Team focuses on the feral cat overpopulation problem. They offer spay/neuter assistance, humane trapping of stray or feral cats, and cat rescue assistance.

City of Livermore Down Payment Assistance Program Guidelines
A short PDF-format document. Explains who qualifies and how the assistance must be used.

MALIGNANT MESOTHELIOMA - Mesothelioma Litigation and Financial Assistance
... Who is at Risk | Treatment | Your Legal Rights | Add'l Resources Home : Mesothelioma : Mesothelioma Litigation and Financial Assistance Mesothelioma Litigation and Financial Assistance The Asbestos ...

Housing Assistance Council
Helps local organizations in rural America build affordable homes. Includes information about loans, technical assistance, training, links, publications and relevant articles.

Vietnam Assistance for the Handicapped
Offering Vietnamese assistance for the handicapped, crippled and disabled by the war in Viet-Nam.

Missouri Department of Social Services
Responsible for coordinating programs to provide public assistance to families, access to health care, services to the elderly, child support enforcement assistance and to provide specialized assistance to troubled youth.

Marel Invention Assistance
Advisors offering invention assistance, product advice and new innovation appraisals to inventors.

Coast Guard Mutual Assistance
Overview, news, and details about contributions and requests for assistance.

Legal Profession Assistance Conference
LPAC provides continuing education, support and expertise to the Provincial Lawyer Assistance Programs across Canada.

Executive Virtual Assistance
Offering administrative and general office assistance. Contact information, resume, FAQs, and business profile.

Fidelitas Assistance Ltd.
Provides medical, technical, and traveler's insurance assistance. Includes a profiles and contact details.

Wisconsin Business Procurement Assistance Center
The Business Procurement Assistance Center (BPAC) provides free technical and marketing assistance to Wisconsin businesses.

At Home Tech Help
A home technology assistance company specializing in training, installation and purchasing assistance.

Texas Manufacturing Assistance Center
Offers services and assistance to Texas manufacturers to help them reduce costs, increase profits, improve quality

Department of Social Services
Provides public assistance to families, access to health care, services to the elderly, child support enforcement assistance and to provide specialized assistance to troubled youth. Read the mission statement, view statistics, or find related links.

Trails West Realty
Buyer and seller assistance including property listings, industry tips, relocation assistance, and community information.

Housing Assistance Program of Essex County
A non-profit organization providing housing assistance and counseling to lower income families.

Oregon Technical Assistance Corp.
Promotes full participation in community life for individuals with disabilities and families through the delivery of training, technical assistance, and related services.

Virtual Outsourcing Administrative Assistance
Assistance with routine office needs, including computer work and secretarial services.

Minnesota Board on Aging - Seniors - Assistance
Minnesota Board on Aging. Seniors Home. Assistance. Deaf and Hard of Hearing. Health Care Directive ... ... Us. Our Partners. Disclaimer. Assistance Myths about hearing loss MYTH: Only a few people are ...

Birthright International
Support to girls and women who are distressed by an unplanned pregnancy and are looking for alternatives to an abortion. Hotline, free pregnancy tests, medical assistance, legal assistance, financial assistance, educational assistance, maternity and baby clothes, housing assistance, referrals to social agencies.

Fish Harbor Area Charities
Provides rental assistance, utility payment subsidies, child care subsidies, food, and other assistance for low income working families.

Belinda Jolly Dobson - Prudential
Offers relocation assistance, home appraisal, home selling, home purchasing, buying assistance, closing assistance, realtor and real estate services.

Sour Girl Production
Free graphics, web design and production assistance for Buffy and Angel themed websites. Also offers assistance for other WB shows.

PC Savvy
Provides computer assistance, desktop publishing, QuickBooks expertise, and hardware and networking assistance. Located in the Triad area of North Carolina.

Senior Hound Assistance, Research and Education
National assistance league dedicated to aiding the owners and rescuers of senior basset hounds.

Meera Assistance
An air rescue ambulance, medical evacuation and all medical assistance throughout India, Nepal, and Bangladesh.

Offers design, hosting assistance, promotion, and domain name registration assistance.

Great Plains Assistance Dogs Foundation
A nonprofit assistance dog organization dedicated to providing assistance dogs, therapy dogs, seizure alert dogs and companion dogs for the physically challenged and people with disabilities.

Radiant Floor Company
Provides underfloor heating products, free design assistance, free technical assistance.

Colorado PCS Realty
Providing relocation assistance to military families, includes property listing, mortgage data, school information, and free temporary lodging assistance.

las vegas new mexico health assistance - SIC!
... education institute kuwaitrussian tourism board embassy visa hilton grand vacation spa in las vegas las vegas new mexico health assistance las vegas new mexico health assistance las vegas ...

AIDS Legal Assistance Project
The Duke AIDS Legal Assistance Project has been providing vital legal assistance to indigent HIV infected clients since January 8, 1996. Our clients are among the neediest in North Carolina. All of them are poor (78% have incomes less than $1000/month) and most of them are very ill (49% have full-blown AIDS).

Owner-Trained Assistance Dogs
Discussion forum for disabled people training an assistance dog. Handlers working with program dogs are also welcome to participate.

Tranship - Marine Towing Transport
Coastal towage and offshore. Harbour towage and ship assistance. Modern tugs, tugboats and barges. Salvage assistance.

Victim-Assistance Online
Information, research and networking resource for victim assistance specialists and professionals.

Trade Adjustment Assistance For Firms (TAA)
A federal program, provides financial assistance to manufacturers affected by import competition. A network of twelve regional, non-profit organizations that manage the TAA program, Trade Adjustment Assistance Centers (TAACs).

Economic Development and Business Assistance
Offers site selection services, assistance with applying for tax abatements and navigating the site plan review process, gap financing, brownfield redevelopment program, renaissance zones, and environmental assessment assistance.

Quest Scholars Program - How You Can Help
... provides university, scholarship, and other ... s home ~ Resume-writing assistance & career ... Summer housing assistance ~ Job referrals ... country, on college essays Help a high school ...

Official Development Assistance (ODA)
Provides monetary help, infrastructure, emergency assistance, and public facilities to underdeveloped nations. With charter, news, recent activities, and archive.

Heath Care Consulting
Resourse for physicians looking for assistance in improving the revenue cycle. Expert assistance in turn-around projects.

Accident Assistance Online
Provides a list of agents that can offer motor vehicle accident assistance.

Untitled Document
... Assistance with Arthrocentesis NRS 046 Assistance with Mole Removal NRS 047 Assistance with Toenail Removal INS-043 Pt Instruction for Endometrial Biopsy INS-050 Pt Instruction for Colposcopy INS-049 ...

Oscar The
Rescue assistance site with crossposts of adoptable dogs in need of urgent assistance. Includes profiles of the dogs, breed information, and ways to help.

Memorial Assistance Ministries
A faith based organization to help those in need by providing rent and utility assistance.

Victim-Assistance Online
Information, research and networking resource for victim assistance specialists and professionals in related disciplines.

Offers business travel assistance in Turkey, including legal and financial services.

RAI Relocation Assistance Inc.
independent consulting firm providing corporations with programs and services in the areas of employee recruitment, college relations, and global relocation assistance.

Bangladeshi Jobs
A job portal that provides job consultancy, enrollment assistance, H1B visa assistance, international jobs and job oriented training.

Employer-Provided Educational Assistance - Internal Revenue Service
Discusses the situations in which employers can provide educational assistance to employees on a nontaxable basis.

Pacific Assistance Dogs Society
Non-profit organization that trains assistance dogs for people with diabilities other than blindness.

Education Benefits
Contains information about VA education benefit programs, including the GI Bill, Tuition Assistance, Veterans Educational Assistance, and Dependents' Educational Assistance Programs.

AXA Assistance Australia
Provides specialized emergency assistance services, including medical, travel, lifestyle and domestic; also offers medical information, on-line advice and management support.

National Organization for Victim Assistance
NOVA provides victim and witness assistance programs for practitioners, criminal justice agencies, professionals, former victims and survivors.

SCS Computer Assistance Newsletters
SCSCompA is a small computer assistance company emphasising home computer use. Includes newsletters plus information related to assistance work, which is offered.

Financial Assistance for Grandparent Caregivers: TANF
Describes how the US Temporary Assistance to Needy Families program can help grandparents raising grandchildren.

Padilla Real Estate Services, Inc.
Buyer and seller assistance including home search and relocation assistance.

Michigan Procurement Technical Assistance Centers
Provides assistance in acquiring federal and state government contracts for Michigan companies.

Reach Employee Assistance Program
Employment assistance for employers and employees. Includes company and program information.

Armed Services Assistance Centre [ASAC] Australia
Providing free assistance in relation to pensions, welfare, compensation and entitlements to serving and ex-serving members and their families.

New England Comprehensive Assistance Center
One of fifteen centers funded by the U.S. Department of Education to provide education assistance and support safe schools.

Salvation Army Olympia Corps
Emergency assistance, homeless shelter, food, clothing, rent assistance, utility bill assistance, meals on wheels, summer camping, youth programs, adult programs, christmas assistance, adopt a family, giving tree and red kettle information is available, plus, current and breaking news regarding The Salvation Army.
Providing web and graphic design services, domain name registration assistance, hosting assistance, search engine submission and maintenance, for home or business.

Oregon Department of Justice: Crime Victims' Assistance Section
General information about the victim assistance program as well as some related statistics.

German Pension Assistance
Assistance for those entitled to receive a German pension. Discusses assistance, documents, addresses and notifications. [German and English]

Housing Assistance Corporation
Regional nonprofit that providers emergency shelter for families and individuals experiencing homelessness, as well as creates and administers of first-time homebuyer, rental assistance, rehabilitation and prevention programs.

A free commuter assistance organization offering carpool, vanpool, transit and commuter assistance.

American Health Assistance Foundation
Funds research on Alzheimer's and other diseases, educates the public, and provides financial assistance to patients and caregivers.

Levittown Beauty Academy
Information on course content, tuition, financial assistance, hour and licensing requirements, class schedules, job assistance, and other services offered at LBA.

Nebraska Procurement Technical Assistance Center
Offering free assistance to Nebraska businesses that wish to sell products or services to the federal, state, or local government.

The Nurturing Network
Services include medical assistance, financial assistance, nurturing homes, educational programs, employment & adoption counseling, preparation for parenthood.

Professional Employee Assistance Consulting
A nationwide Employe Assistance (EAP) provider and Substance Abuse Professional (SAP) based in Southern California.

United Way of Tarrant County
Events calendar, news, how to get assistance, volunteer, or submit the name of someone needing assistance.

Alabama Center for Justice
Providing legal assistance for disadvantaged individuals who are unable to afford quality representation, and are being denied access to effective and unrestricted legal assistance.

Catholic Social Services
Located in Columbus. Offers counseling and referrals to assistance with medical care, finances, education, housing, and legal assistance.

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