A Realistic "Get Started" Approach To Real Estate Investing…It Really Does Exist!

Budd Lake, NJ May 8, 2004–-Investing in real estate for profit is one of the most popular approaches to generating additional income in the United States today. As a result, the real estate investment training industry has continued to grow at an alarming rate with new educational courses, seminars and investment gurus popping up all over the place.

Unfortunately, for many fledgling real estate entrepreneurs they find out very quickly that making money with real estate often requires more knowledge than they can glean from a 6 CD educational package and usually requires cash despite the no-money-down advocates which are so common these days.

"In early 2002, we began research to identify the most common reasons why so many well intentioned real estate investing new comers fail to reach their investment goals" says Rik Foote the company's President and Founder. "Our findings were not all that surprising. The two most common characteristics were (i) Most people interviewed lacked the ability to accurately distinguish between a good investment opportunity, a marginal investment opportunity and an out right bad investment opportunity and (ii) When an opportunity that was worth pursuing was found, they lacked the cash required to take advantage of the opportunity."

Mr. Foote continued by saying "As a result, many aspiring real estate entrepreneurs begin to search for shortcuts that promise to produce positive results despite these handicaps or they give up on their goals entirely."

Fortunately there is a realistic way to gain both the money and experience needed to be successful in real estate and best of all it does not require purchasing any expensive training materials.

The answer is become a Real Estate Investment Scout. Scouting or Bird Dogging as some like to call it, is an activity that anyone can do regardless of their age, experience, income or credit history and without having to spend large sums of money. The concept is simple and straight forward. A real estate investment Scout is much like a consultant or research analyst. They find potential investment opportunities, complete the research and analysis of the opportunity and then sell the information and research to other more senior investors for a fee. The fee structure can take many forms. In some cases it can be a flat fee and in other cases it can be a percentage of the purchase price.

"Scouting opportunities for other investors is a safe way for beginners to gather the knowledge that will ensure their success as well as limit the financial risk of exposing their personal money when they're getting started" Mr. Foote commented.

Dorian's new website Reiscouts.com is designed to provide Scouts with access to a nationwide database of professional investors that are looking for pre-qualified investment opportunities from Scouts called The Opportunity Exchange™. Dorian has also included a web based proprietary software application called Opportunity Analyzer™ to simplify the investment analysis process that Scouts must complete. As an added feature, Dorian provides free educational information that is updated monthly to further help Scouts gain the knowledge and skills they will need to build a long term business as real estate investors.

"Scouting can be a great introduction to real estate investing that anyone can take advantage of regardless of age, race, sex, income, credit history or experience" says Jake Wilson Dorian's Vice President of Product Development. "You can learn a tremendous amount about real estate investing and what makes one deal good and another one a dud just from the real life transactions you will be exposed to as a Scout." Mr. Wilson continued by saying "Scouting will also give you a good idea of what's it's like to be a Real Estate Investor, and you can decide if it's really for you. You will be exposed to a number of investing strategies, and will be able to decide what fits your personality and goals best."

About The Dorian Group, Inc. - The Dorian Group, Inc. is a recognized leader in real estate investment software and services. The company was founded in 2002 to supply consumers with high-quality tools and resources for use in real estate investment analysis, education and implementation. Dorian is focused on its vision of enriching people's lives by enabling financial freedom though real estate investment.

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