First Global Corporate Real Estate Analysis system launched by innovative UK Company.

Real Decisions provides a "one stop" information management system for the corporate real estate professional.

Our business is built around a single strategic software application, smart-RE.

This central information repository provides a series of modules which all share the same core data for reporting, forecasting and analysis.

The system provides easy navigation of all your corporate real estate information, including lease documentation, plans, photographs, correspondence and costs. It also tracks your corporate structure and space requirements, regardless of the type of accommodation your business occupies.

By maintaining a centralised information system, we make it simple to report upon and to analyse different business scenarios, based on a comprehensive cashflow model. And because smart-RE works in any language and any currency, it is possible to develop a strategic view across even the largest of portfolios.

Quite simply, this is the first strategic system to be designed solely for the corporate real estate professional. Our unique approach will help you to make the most of real estate in your business.

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