Practical, No-Nonsense Instruction on Real Estate Investing Now Being Offered by Franklin Masters Institute

ENGLEWOOD, CO September 24, 2004 -- In contrast to the dizzying-array of get-rich quick, no-money-down real estate seminars being offered around the country, Franklin Masters Institute now offers a proven course of study designed to instruct individuals and families on how to produce income and financial security through real estate investing. The think-tank, investor education institute believes in doing things the old fashioned way - offering one day common sense instruction on various real estate investing-related subjects that is easy to understand and apply. Carefully screened and certified college degreed instructors conduct the classes on college campuses, adding to the learning environment.

According to FMI president and chancellor, Ron Fouts, "We pattern our courses after proven academic models. Our focus is on delivering the most concise and proven information gleaned from a multitude of current and reliable sources on the strategies of becoming a successful and effective real estate investor." Fouts adds, "Our primary objective is to ensure that each student leaves the course with practical information and knowledge that can be applied to real investment opportunities."

The flagship course, 'Building Wealth with Real Estate", will be offered on September 18, 2004, at 8:30 a.m. at the University of San Francisco Lone Mountain Campus located on Turk Blvd. between Masonic and Parker in San Francisco. Attendees will walk away with information on how to identify the best return on investment, how to choose the best locations and properties, how to make an assessment based on one's tolerance for risk, how to incorporate cash-flow strategies, how to make offers and negotiate, and how to evaluate appreciation potential. The course will also identify the investment exit strategy as well as how to build and measure momentum with a real estate portfolio.

When considering creating their courses, FMI found that 95 percent of consumers who sign up for real estate investment courses, despite having spent both a considerable amount of time and money on them, leave the course or seminar not knowing how to evaluate an investment properly, are fearful of making a mistake, or believe they lack the financial resources to take advantage of the opportunities they find. Taking this into account, FMI decided that these apparent motivational weaknesses were derived from the classes or seminars available, and not necessarily from the students themselves

About the Franklin Masters Institute
The Franklin Masters Institute (FMI) name finds its origins in the Old World, when only nobility owned land. As the English middle class developed and accumulated wealth, they were able to buy land themselves and break the noble's monopoly. The members of this new moneyed class in medieval England were called 'frankeleyns", meaning "a landowner of free but not noble birth". FMI believes that today anyone can become a 'franklin", mastering the skills necessary to become a successful landowner or, as they are called today, a "real estate investor". "Statistically-speaking, 80 percent of all new millionaires make their money in real estate," says Fouts, "making it a significant path to the creation of wealth."

FMI offers one-day classes around the U.S. with upcoming seminars in Chicago, Cincinnati, Los Angeles, Philadelphia and San Diego. For more information or to sign up for the September 18, seminar in San Francisco, visit or call 1-866-411-WEALTH.

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