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Town Center Realty, Inc., Grand Island, NY, has sponsored the WNY-Buffalo Real Estate & WNY-Buffalo Realtor Resources website at www.wny-realtor.com. Betty Harris, company president, explained that the majority of people who are interested in buying or selling real estate now turn to the web for research. However, most local real estate web sites are focused on providing information about real estate agents - rather than providing the information that buyers and sellers need. "We realized that no single web site could provide all the information that our clients need, so this site was specifically designed as an information hub - with links to other valuable resources on the web" she said.

The site has 4 major sections: the WNY-Buffalo Real Estate Guide, the WNY-Buffalo Corporate Executive & Family Relocation Center, the WNY-Buffalo Commercial Real Estate Center, and the WNY-Buffalo Real Estate Investment Guide.

You'll find links to libraries of articles for real estate buyers and sellers, links to a battery of useful real estate calculators, and links to the Buffalo and WNY Multiple Listings Service (MLS). Since it is specifically aimed at anyone relocating into or within the Buffalo-Niagara Falls region, it also links to a range of web sites for local galleries, museums, recreational activities, sports teams, community centers, shopping facilities, banking & finance facilities, and reports on all the local schools.

Buying or Selling , just starting, upsizing, or downsizing. If you are relocating into the Buffalo-Niagara Falls region, the site is a great starting point to research the local housing market, and the area in general. Find out about existing Buffalo real estate or building a new home - which architectural styles are common and which ones work best in the WNY climate.

Considering becoming a landlord? - find out the pros and cons, the costs, who else you need to get help or advice from, the likely timescales involved, ......etc.!

Visit the WNY-Buffalo Real Estate & WNY-Buffalo Realtor Resources website at www.wny-realtor.com or www.wny-buffalo-real-estate.com

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