New Real Estate Letters Kit a Godsend for Listing-Starved Real Estate Agents.

Listing-starved real estate agents are receiving a helping hand generating listings thanks to an innovative marketing kit developed by Words that Sell The Real Estate Letters That Sell Series contains a collection of real estate proposal and prospecting letter templates that make salespeople's lives much easier than before.

As the real estate industry struggles with undersupply and an abundance of new agencies, many agencies are finding it increasingly tough to obtain that critical competitive edge.

According to Words that Sell MD, Kris Mills, real estate agents are finding the going rough.

"Great salespeople are often great at selling face-to-face but are often let down by their written presentation," said Kris Mills.

"Our Real Estate Letters Kit allows them to benefit from proven, persuasive letters without spending enormous fees on copywriters or wasting time better spent with clients," said Kris.

The Real Estate Letters That Sell series comes in three different packs, with up to 52 letters covering prospecting, listing and pre-listing.

It's author, Kris Mills is a well respected direct response copywriter with an impressive track record of producing incredible results for clients in the property industry.

"We realise that in the real estate profession, most sales people work on their own or in small teams. They are on a limited budget so many can't afford our fees" said Kris.

"For less than the cost of running an ad in one edition of a newspaper, salespeople can have their own professionally copy-written, easily tailored marketing submission templates and over 50 persuasive marketing letters. And each is specifically designed to be adaptable to any real estate agency."

According to Kris, the affordability of the kit is even more evident when compared with the costs of engaging Kris' services to develop and write individual letters. Kris charges between $3000 - $1000 for one-off letters.

The better targeted a sales letter to a prospective customer's needs, the greater the chance of a successful outcome. The kit contains a variety of targeted prospecting letters to Absentee Owners, Private Sellers, Renovators, Neighbours, owners of specific types of homes to name but a few.

More information about this letters kit along with three free real estate marketing articles and a free subscription to Words that Sell's "Real Estate Marketer's News" can be arranged by visiting their website at or


About Words That Sell –
Words That Sell is an international direct marketing company which specializes in direct response and direct mail creative for a variety of industries including the real estate industry. Managing Director Kris Mills is the author of popular DIY marketing guides including Advertising and Marketing Toolbox, Mortgage Brokers Sales Letters, Proposals and Tenders That Sell, Financial Planner Sales Letters, Marketing Plan TimeSaver Kit, and Real Estate Listing Letters. The Words That Sell website offers a variety of marketing related ebooks, newsletter subscriptions and articles available for free download. For more information, visit

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