Real Estate Investing Techniques For The African-American Christian

Atlanta-Georgia, July 22, 2003- Brandon Everitt of ALL POSSIBLE, Inc. has taken an innovative approach to teaching African-Americans how to invest in Real Estate regardless of their income level or credit score. Mr. Everitt has self-published the most relevant, easy to follow, step-by-step manual in the industry. It was written with the working class African-American in mind and its frank wording and insightful, easily understood examples set it apart, from other publications designed to teach investment techniques.

We have all read books about how investing in real estate will change our lives and have heard countless speakers whom seem to have all read the same books or attended the same real estate speaker's course. Though many African-Americans will admit that they do believe that investing in real estate will help them reach their financial goals, most also feel that owning property is an unrealistic feat; many get discouraged because of their income level and their credit scores. Mr. Everitt has designed his seminar and manual with these thoughts in mind. He provides a clear road map to reaching ones real estate investment goals, despite what some would see as obstructions in the path of financial independence.

If you are offended by the concept of Religion and Christianity affecting your success, this is not the manual for you. If you are opposed to tithing your first 10% or giving back to the community, this manual is not for you. Last, but certainly not least, if you are opposed to eventually quitting your 9-5 and building a legacy for your family, this is definitely not the manual for you. Many of Mr. Everitt's seminars and manuals have been introduced through churches, civic groups and African-American economically conscious organizations. Each seminar is a combination of real estate techniques and the motivation and confidence that many would be millionaires need to immediately start working towards reaching their financial destiny.

Seminar attendee's have traveled across state lines to learn the techniques that Mr. Everitt himself has utilized, and has made him a 28-year-old retiree, with over $1 million worth of real estate property. That's pretty impressive, for a chemical engineer who bought his first property just less than three years ago. The information shared in his seminar and manual, not only tell you how to purchase real estate, but it also shows you how to raise capital, where to find property if your funds are tight, how to have the mortgage on the home you live in paid through your investment properties and how to receive more than 100% return on investment. Furthermore, all the forms you need are included, sample classified ads and a free one-on-one consultation with Mr. Everitt regarding your first property.

To schedule Mr. Everitt for a speaking engagement or to purchase the "Quit Your Job Real Estate Manual" call ALL POSSIBLE, Inc. at 229-291-7726. To receive a press kit or for additional information regarding Media appearances and profile articles contact Dionna Smith of Urban aXs Atlanta at 678-318-1911.

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