Are Short Sales The New Wave Of The Future For Real Estate Investors?

February 5, 2004--Short Sales are becoming more and more popular and with the downward spiral of ecomony over the last 4 years mortgage lenders have been searching for a way to avoid costly foreclosures.

Investors who have the proper tools and knowledge can partner with these lending institutions and make huge profits with literally no money out of their pocket. A Short Sale is when a lender accepts a discounted payoff on a homeowners mortgage. For instance, if a homeowner owe's $65,000 on a $70,000 mortgage and you negotiate with the bank to accept $50,000 as the new payoff. An investor who does this has created equity out of thin air. In the next few years this form of investing will be the most popular and used strategy on the market. At this time there are very few proven systems to follow. One that has become increasingly poplular and highly recommended is "Making Money with Short Sales" by D.C. Fowler. This 33 page guide is step-by-step system that teaches the process in a clear and concise format. If you are serious about doing Short Sales this is a must buy.

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